Our Core Features


Team up with the ShipBox! This board computer is being designed for crew collaboration by integrating your phones and tablets as well.


Planning your trip was never easier. Use waypoints and routes to keep your boat on track! Supports raster charts, OpenSeaMap and hundreds of other layers. You can easily add your own!


The ShipBox assists you with project planning around all of your boat's maintenance tasks.

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Safety Features

Many customizable safety-at-sea modules like an anchor-watcher as well as frost & collision alerts.

Easy configuration

A user friendly setup and configuration as well as automatic bus and sensor detection simplify installation.


The Wiki module helps you document your ship/travels/etc. The system is also extremely transparent and well documented.

Designed by professionals in an open, transparent way

Our software and many parts of our hardware designs are free opensource technology.

The underlying process involves the worldwide community to achieve more in less time.

Why Choose Hackerfleet's ShipBox

Powerful features.

The ShipBox transforms your ship's navigation systems into a next generation setup by providing many useful applications!

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Easy installation

Just mount the ShipBox near or in your instrumentation compartment and plug in a few connectors and you're ready to go.

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